Back To Funk May 27


Sun - Boogie Bopper

Made In Sweden - Manhattan Vibes

Brian Elliot - Summer Nights in Hollywood

Ablution - Bluegaloo

Street Life '80 - Steps On A Cloud

Almon Memela - Funky Africa (The Ghetto)

Rokk - Patience

Kathy McCord - Keep Peace In The Family

Annette Snell - Get Your Thing Together

Maxine Brown - Stop

George Perkins - What The Deal Is

Four Wheel Drive - Fussin' And Cussin'

Billy Jones & The Stars - Look Out (Here I Come)

Ernie Wilkins & His Orchestra - Thank You

The Soul Snatchers - I Can't Stand It

The Diasonics - Take One

The Heard - Shady Ol' Lady

Life Force - Funky Mama

Roy Roberts Experience - Let's Wrap up Tonight Baby (Disco Version)

Al Johnson - Your Love

Kevin 'King' Lear - The Snake

Small Faces - What'Cha Gonna Do About It

Sir Lattimore Brown - Shake And Vibrate

Cais Sodre Funk Connection - I Gotta Feeling

The Rascals - Jungle Walk

Bonnie Blanchard & Andy Aaron & The Mean Machine - Right on Time

Bridge - Stick Your Finger In The Ground (And Turn The World Around) (Part 2)

Taka Boom - Love Party

Lesette Wilson - Look Into Tomorrow

Alphonse Mouzon - New York City

Donny Hathaway - The Slums



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