Back To Funk March 18


Beat Folk - Gimmie the Key

Ghost-Note - Bad Knees

Izumi Kobayashi & Flying Mimi Band - Concrete Wave

Valerie Carter - City Lights

James Rivers - Funky Too

Louis Chachere - The Hen (Part 1)

Bobby Byrd - Byrd's In Flight (Instrumental)

Chameleon - Get Up

Hot, Cold Sweat - Meet Me At The Go-Go

A Certain Ratio - Skunk

Artelia Green - Ghetto Children Funk

Soulive - Take It Easy

Lenny Kravitz - Life Ain't Ever Been Better Than It Is Now

Robert Palmer - Work To Make It Work

Brittany Davis - Sepricon

Sr. Wilson & Griffi - Zero Rayao (Feat. Lasai)

Lui Lepke - Can't Tek Mi Landlord

Busy Signal - The Mood

O.B.F - Bubble (Feat Charlie P)

Emapea & Nu Vintage - In A Daze (Feat DJ DELightfull)

Greentea Peng - Satta

Vivian Sessoms - Fool Me Once (feat. Major TRUTH Green)

Horace Silver - Acid, Pot Or Pills

UPP - Friendly Street

Iron Knowledge - Rat Race

Zebra - Closer to the Feeling

The Brecker Brothers - You Ga (Ta Give It) (feat. Carl Carlwell & D.J. Rogers)

Traks - Long Train Running

Bill Summers, Summers Heat - What's This Mess

Septimus - You're a Mind Blower