Back To Funk January 23


Bill Avery and Love Co. - Disco Fever (Club Mix)

Jaymz Bedford - Just Keep My Boogie

Homeboy And The C.O.L. - Love Was the Cost

Jesse Gee - That's Hot

Fabulous Dutones - Set It Out

Fantastic Experience - Get It Right

Top Shelf - Goin' Thru The Motions

Chocolate Caliente - Hot Chocolate

Whatitdo Archive Group - Last Train to Budapest

Eric Framond - Ghetto

Renée Geyer - Be There In The Morning

Manhattan Rhythm Feat. The Smithcox Organization - Sweet Lady

Fantastyk - Tell Me All Your Fantasies

Flash - Around This Time

Glass House - Thanks I Needed That

Johnny Morisette with Jennell Hawkins Sextette - I'm Hungry

David Ruffin - I Could Never Be President

Odyssey - Battened Ships

Diane Tell - Le Mauvais Numero

Al-Dos Band - Love Jones Coming Down

Soul Liberation - Heavenly Places

Wings of Light - He Loves You

Boobie Knight & The Soulciety - Ego Trippin'

The Lancers - Doing The Snatch

Hank Jacobs and The TKO's - Gettin' On Down

Ramsey Lewis Trio - Do What You Wanna