Back To Funk November 28


Ed (Too-Tall) Jones - Can't Stand The Heat

D. J. Rogers - Love Cycles

Gordon Henderson & U Convention - Hard World

Zulema - Change

Pockets - Come Go With Me

AB'S - C. I. A.

Trilark - Love Never Looked Better

DjeuhDjoah & Lieutenant Nicholson - Clic

Paraiso - Teu Sorriso (Jex Opolis Remix)

Imagination - California

Adi Oasis - Get It Got It

Da Chick - Lowretta

Inkswel - Koopa feat. J Scienide & DJ Nixon

Olivia K & The Parkers - Liv it Up

The Bamboos - Nothing I Wanna Know About

Mad Honey - Time Is On Our Side

Assal - Dr. Boogie

E.J. Stamp - I Know All About It

Glaxo Babies - Shake (The Foundations)

Goodie - Fun Freaks

Amin Payne - Ode To Tom Browne

Marlon McClain & BD3 - Get Down

The Choice Four - Come Down To Earth