Back To Funk September 19


Tease - Flash (12" Version)

Discognosis - Step By Step

The S.O.S. Band - Take Love Where You Find It

Alicia Myers - I Found Love at a Disco

Funkool Orchestra - Boogie With Your Baby

Larry Willis - Out On The Coast

The TnT Boys - Musica Del Alma

Redd Holt Unlimited - Gimme Some Mo

Barrabas - Woman

Ashantis - Woman

Tucky Buzzard - Time Will Be Your Doctor

Aum - Little Brown Hen

Short Cross - That's Her Train

Scone Cash Players - Cold 40s

Jenny's Daughters - Dirty Feet

Monk Montgomery - Bump De Bump

Bongmaster Inc - Brothers & Sisters

Ramsey Lewis - Brazilica

Tim Maia - E Necessario

Sir Guy, Speller Bros. Band - Let Home Cross Your Mind

Breakestra - Joyful Noise (12'' Edit)

Lenis Guess - That Beat's Got The Devil In It

Bobby Sheen - Payback

Glass House - Giving Up The Ring

Alphonse Mouzon - Why Can't We Make It

Gianni Ferrio - L’infermiera Di Notte - Seq.12

Ultra Funk - Indigo Country