Back To Funk May 23


General Caine - It's Getting Deep 

Paris Groovescooter - Oopside Partee Nite

Heat Exchange - Check It Out

Tito Duarte - Gambling Fever

Laredo - Sin Amor

Reality - Road

Maxwell - Meltdown

The Impressions - Fan The Fire

Horizon - Steppin' Out

The Bean Brothers - Feel The Groove

The Vicious Seeds - Wireless Party

Brian Auger & Brian Auger's Oblivion Express - Freddie's Flight

CRAC - Off The Lites

Richard Stepp - Get Funky

Soul Children - Stir Up The Boogie (Part 2)

Cold Blood - Under Pressure

Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad - Ebun (feat. Tony Allen)

Makaya McCraven - Black Rhythm Happening

DJ Bacon - Don't Say Nothin (7" Edit)

Jam Chambers - We're The Party People

Franco Micalizzi - Scusi Lei È Normale?

Larry Ridley - Well You Needn't