Back To Funk October 4


Suede - Enough Is Enough

Karen Silver - Nobody Else

Cameo - Don't Be So Cool

Lanier & Co. - Come On Out "Let's Party"

Richard Evans - Burning Spear

Quango - Soljering On

Fats Gaines Band Presents Zorina - Sweet Freak

Genius - Inspector Jones

The Du-Rites - The Sun (feat Elson Nascimento of Sun Ra Arkestra)

Irp-3 - Tema De Soninha

Mel Brown - Blues For We

Carol Anderson - Taking My Mind Off Love

Wayne Cochran - Get Ready

Albert Washington & The Kings - Woman Love

Arelean Brown & Outhouse Band - You Gonna Miss Me Around Here

Patchwork - Easy Lay

Serge Gainsbourg - Discophoteque

Disco Tramps - Laser Disco

Dowdelin - Vis a Vie

William Stuckey - The First Time (Instrumental)

Weapons Of Peace - City

ORF Big Band - To Be A Man

Marvin Holmes & The Uptights - Ooh Ooh The Dragon

King Zerand Orchestra - Sidewalk Shift

Tuomo - Don't Take It Too Hard

The Kevin Fingier Collective - Sunglasses After Dark, Pt.1

Area Code 615 - Sligo

Arcane Warrior vs Regal - The B-Boys

Cimafunk - Rompelo ft Lupe Fiasco

Kay-Bee - Dee's Nutts

Crown Heights Affair - Far Out