Back To Funk August 3


The Pinch - Shot Out

Side Effect - Life Is What You Make It

Crossection - Hip Pocket

African Music Machine - A Girl In France

Tonistics - Holding On

Danced Til Midnight - Low Slung

Sound Factory Inc. - Jelly Pot

Luciano Fineschi Orchestra - High Fever

Orient Express - Ali's Funk

Eko Roosevelt - Ndolo Embe Mulema

Wasatch - City Life

Bubbha Thomas & The Lightmen - Boogie Down (Part 1 & 2)

Side Effect - Honky Tonk Scat

Oasis - Bopedemic

Ozo - You Better Run

Little Rose Little - He's What I Need

Felecia Johnson & T.S.B. Inc. - Franchise On Love

Blundetto - Tengo Fe

Soul Inscribed - A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)

Dobby x Barkaa - I Can't Breathe

The Roots - 100% Dundee

Seanie T - More to This (feat. DJ Suro)

Clear Soul Forces - We Gets Busy

Mr Benn & Parly B - Gwarn Go Bathe

Asher Senator - Bubble With I

Prince Fatty - Take Me As I Am (feat. Shniece McMenamin & Horseman)

Zacar Orchestra - Baby Get Down

Black Heat - Zimba Ku

Gallowstreet - Purple Whip

Bobbye Hall - Copula