Back To Funk March 18




Finished Touch - Mighty Good Friends

The Cosmic Sound Orchestra - Do It For Yourself

Andrew Lewis Band - Tight On Your Money

Kjell Öhman - Organ Funk

The Judy Roberts Band - Never Was Love

Alphonso Johnson - Up From The Cellar

Patrick Williams - Come On And Shine

Oliver Cheatham - Boogie Stomp

Hi-Gloss - Cash

Dikalo - Fine Biscuits

Wilson Picket - Funk Factory

Peppermint Harris - Wait Until It Happens To You

Sinner Strong - Don't Knock It

Jackie Mittoo - Earthquake

Iba Mahr - Family Not Friend

DJ Vadim - Free Ya Mind

Flevans - Right On Top

Ak Skills - East Ta West (Remix)

Ran Reed - Big Shot

Tresto feat Blacker C - Think

The White Blinds - Hip Hugger

Eric Boss - Bad Luck

Greg Perry - Love Is Magic

Tiny Grimes - Backslider

Janko Nilovic - Blows and Rhythms

Crashers - Skank

Shadow - Best Lady

Ollie Baba - Give Me A Break




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