Back To Funk June 25




Freak - Life Goes On

Andrew Lewis Band - Tight On Your Money

Skying High - Getting Off On Your Loving

The Reality Band and Show - All You Need Is Time To Mess Around

Mebusas - Kwashioko

Zirihi Bony Castro - Labazo

W.J.W and Roots, Trunks & Branches - Rising (Power Disco Power)

Capital Letters - Run Run Run

Prince Buster - Sit And Wonder

James Brown - Do It

Orquesta Novel - Dance, Dance, Dance

107th Street Stickball Team - Mojo Shingaling

Orquestra Imperial - Salamaleque

San Francisco Committee - Never Before

Leroy Harris - Crow Baby Crow

The Newman Family - Kidney Stew

Infinity - Party Man

Southroad Connection - Gotta Keep On Dancin’

Cyclades - Fire To Desire

Professor Harold Boggs & The Boggs Specials - God's LSD

Mel Torme - Right Now

Bill Pinkney - I Do The Jerk

King Floyd - I Feel Like Dynamite

Phillip Mitchell - I'll See You in Hell First

Round Robin Monopoly - Life Is Funky

The Mouse Outfit - Jagged Tooth Crook (feat. KinKai)

Jungle Brown - We On

Natural Mystics - How It Go (Da Remix)

Jiro Inagaki & Soul Media - Head Rock


Chumei Wantanbe - Under the Light of Daybreak