Back To Funk December 12




Earth, Wind & Fire - C’mon Children

Elbe Family - Come Party

Freedom - Dance Sing Along (12 inch Version)

L.T.D. - You Gave Me Love

Miss Lene - Sinal De Desejo

Benny Golson - I'm Always Dancin To The Music (BlackShag edit)

Barbara Lynn - You Make Me So Hot (Sean P Edit)

Neso - Mad Coolout

MC Peaches - More Than Just A Pretty Face

Natty and Dwella - Fake MCs

Roger Damawuzan & Les As Du Bénin - Wait For Me

Eddie & Ernie - You Give Me Love To Go On

Rudy Ray Moore - The Turning Point

Damon Fox - Gotta Get My Baby Back

Mongo & McCall - Mongo & McCall

Cody Black - I'm Slowly Molding

Pulus - Sow To Reap

Duke Reid's All Stars - He's Coming

Basil Gabbidon - Enie-Meanie-Miney-Mo

Hannah Williams & The Affirmations - Tame in the Water

Father's Children - Kohoutek

Ali Ishfahan & George Farid - Focus on the Middle East

Publicity - Dreaming Of You

Benelux and Nancy Dee - Switch (Original 12" Instrumental Mix)

Southroad Connection - Just Layin It Down

Bob Azzam - Mas Que Nada

Climaco Sarmiento y Su Orquesta - Cumbia Sabrosa

Claudia - Morena De Uganda


Roland Alphonso - Sounds of Silence