Back To Funk June 29 2015


Memphis Horns - What The Funk

N.C.C.U. - Sleepy Time Is Over

Nytro - What It Is

Waters - Party, Party

Blaze - We Come To Jam

Glory - Can You Guess What Groove This Is (Long Version)

Lyn Collins - Baby Don’t Do It

Lonnie Youngblood - Go Go Place

The Peermonts - Making Out

Jewel Brown & Milton Hopkins - Jerry

Laura B & The Moonlighters - That's A Pretty Good Love

Howlin' Wolf - Three Hundred Pounds of Joy

Hopeton Lewis - A De Pon Dem

Keeling Beckford - Groove Me

Phyllis Dillon - Don't Stay Away

The Sensational Nightingales - At The Meeting

Cynthia Sheeler & The Brothers Inc. - I Never Felt Like This Before

Shirley Caesar - Heavenly Father

Standard Music - Natch

Rumple-Stilts-Skin - Stop Your Running

Storm - Rhythm of The Cit-Tay

Spiders Webb - Spiders Webb

Shake - Try My Love Tonight

Joe Pugliese - Chump Change

The Temprees - People Make The World Go Round