Back To Funk March 17 2014


Jerzy Milian Orchestra - Gacek
Alyn Ainsworth - Where Do I Go?
Lack Of Afro - One For The Trouble
Candelaria Band - Pendejita
Uraz Kurt - Return To Beginning (Raise and Change It)
Basso - Socaland
Hi Tension - Hi Tension (Sensus Soul "Higher Tensions" Edit)
Christy Essie Igbokwe - Rumours
Nick Waterhouse - Aint There Something That Money Cant Buy - Holly
Arthur Conley - Sweet Soul Music
Little Richard - Dew Drop In
Johnny & Angel - You Got Me Jumpin Around
Bobby Hutcherson - Oye Come Va
Lemongrass - Everything You Want
Lack Of Afro - Here We Go Again (Feat Wax, Herbal T & E.O.M)
Zimbabwe Legit - Rock To The Drums
Dred Scott - Swingin From The Tree
Eugene Blacknell & the New Breed - Dance To The Rhythm
Perfect Circle - Spread The News
Bobby Lyle - You Think Of Her
The Allergies - React (feat Figure Of Speech & the KPS Horns)
Akshin Alizadeh - Occupy The World
Undefeated Three - Unity Rap (Bonus Beats)
Gappy Ranks - Put The Stereo On
Randy Valentine - Memory Lane
Tinga Stewart - Play De Music
The Fame Gang - Grits and Gravy