Back To Funk February 24 2014


Hank Ballard & The Midnight Lighters - From The Love Side
Lenis Guess - How You Gonna Do It
The Coasters - Down In Mexico (RSN Remix)
Teza Cappuccino - Herbs Cream
WARA - Flesh and Bone (Acoustic Version)
June Conquest - I Do
Irma Thomas - I Did My Part
Betty Bibbs - Pounds Of Soul
Machito & His Orchestra  - Hold On (Im Comin)
Empresarios - Bailando
Djamel Allam - Edit D Alegerie (Julian Horn)
Fela Kuti - Water Get No Enemy (JM Edit)
Thievery Corporation - El Pueblo Unido (Jeremy Sole Feat Quantic Remix)
Ambelique - Talk Like That
Thievery Corporation - Saudade
Ebo Taylor - Heaven
The Nilsmen - Sand Step
Mato - Je Suis Dub (feat R Wan)
Grandmagneto - Saturday Night Fever (Grandmagneto Original Version)
Prince Fatty & The Mutant HiFi - Across The Border (Beezik Remercie FNPCA)
Master Plan Inc - Heartbreaker
Chico and Buddy - Lets Have A Ball
Queens Community Show Band - Ghetto Funk
Delight - Do It Right (Do It Right Golf Boy - US Masters Funky Disco Edit)
Mike T - Do It Anyway You Wanna
TaBoo - Over The Ledge (Rub Dub)
Big Ben Atkins - Tel It Like It Is
Bill Doggett - Ko-Ko
Dyke & The Blazers - We Got More Soul
Nostalgia 77 - Your Love Weighs A Tonne