Back To Funk November 6


Crown Heights Affair - Music Is The World

Matter of Taste - Step by Step

P.J. City - Straight Forward (Non-Stop)

Father's Children - You Can Get It

Freeez - Keep in Touch

Brighter Side of Darkness - Disco Ball

Sadistic Mika Band - Suki Suki Suki

HUB - Boogie Man

Two Things In One - Snag Nasty

Senor Soul - The Mouse

Willie West With Cold Diamond & Mink - Give It Back

Bobby Byrd - Try It Again

The Brooks - Funkyshit

Sr. Wilson & Griffi - El Mundo Es Mío

Isatta Sheriff - Redefined

Soul Supreme - Mood Swings

Four80East - Gonna Be Alright (UK Edit)

Wild Bounce - Look Back

Anushka - Bad Weather (Str4Ta Remix)

Stanley Clarke - Just A Feeling

A Patotinha - Caminhando Contra o Vento (She's a Bad Mama Jama)

All Directions - Boom!

Harri Stojka Express - What a Funky Night

Mac Machine - Hoop

T.Life - Tell Me

Ann C. Sheridan - Sing It Low



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