Back To Funk October 2


Linda Taylor - You and Me Just Started

France Joli - Te Olvidare (Gonna Get Over You) (Spanish Version) 

Eugene Record - Pain For Pleasure (Colourzone Edit)

Black White & Co. - Stop

B.T. Express - Does It Feel Good

Midnight Express - Danger Zone (Extended Version)

Jesse Gomez - Baby I'm Coming At You

Speedometer - Make Me Feel Fine (feat. Shezar)

Sir Guy - I Need You Baby

Marion Black - Come on & Gettit

The Lancers - Doing The Snatch

The Kevin Fingier Collective - El Popcorn

Rosie & Eddie - Undun (Short Version)

The Ebony Godfather - Checkmate

Mr Ott - Steam - In The Flow

Lalo Schifrin - Ape Shuffle (Theme From “Planet Of The Apes”)

Sandra Hamilton - Parang Jam

Gladdy Wax & Mighty Megatons - Gladdy at Carnival

Skarra Mucci - Street Dance feat. L'Entourloop

Nicodemus - Keeping a Dance

Taggy Matcher - That's The Way (I Like It)

L'éclair - Carousel

Say She She - Norma

Neoton Familia - Sámson és Delila

The Emotions - Smile

Pure Pleasure - Dancin' Prancin'

Gibson Brothers - Ooh! What A Life (12'' Mix)



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