Back To Funk May 31



The Players Association - The Get-Down Mellow Sound

Robert Cotter - Disco Blues

Harvey & The Phenomenals - Soul and Sunshine

ATA Records (Neil Innes and Pete Williams) - Kaye Okay

The Fearless Flyers - Adrienne and Adrianne

Babyman - Darko's Joint

Carl Hudson & the Galactic Gunslingers - Capsular Fever

Tony Allen - My Own (Feat Marlowe)

BlabberMouf - Give Em More (Feat. Mad Rev)

Slum Village & Abstract Orchestra - Whats It All About

Bobby Hutcherson - People Make The World Go Round

Mato - Symphonie N3 Dub

Macka B - Dub of Dub

Manudigital - Digital Kingston Session (feat. Capleton)

Half Pint - Cradle of Civilization

Reggae Roast - Turn Up the Heat (feat. Mr. Williamz)

Plunky and The Oneness of Juju - Every Way But Loose (Extended Version)

Rivage - Sha-Na-Na

Levon Helm - Take Me to the River

Travis Wammack - It's Karate Time

Willy McDougal - Don't Turn Away

Nat Turner Rebellion - Laugh To Keep From Crying

East Coast Love Affair with Homegrown Syndrome - Confrontations

Mackjoss - Mounadji “76”

Marvelle Hampton - I Truly Believe In Love