Back To Funk March 22



Almir Ricardi - Festa Funk

Gary Toms - Turn It Out (Tear This Building Down)

New Love Ltd And Interstate 95 - So Much To Talk About (Tudo Bem)

Silver Platinum - You Can't See It

Brass Construction - Music Makes You Feel Like Dancing

Tongi - On The Run (Ghost Mix)

Mid Air - Ease Out

Anomalie & Chromeo - Champ De Mars

Rob Araujo - Nineteen

AGGi DiX - Would You

Jazz Spastiks - Jazz Loops

Soul Supreme - Check the Rhime

The Funky Knuckles - [12]3,4

Malus & Lyrical Waterside x Kota the Friend x GuitiK - Woo Sah

The Primeridian - Jigsaw

IAM - Je Danse Le Mia (Terrible Funk Remix)

SOA - Dancin' Harry Does The Rock (While Chanting To The Funk)

Positive Choice - Super Sonic Stereophonic Funk

Cosmos - Midnight Shuffle

Early Byrds - Step Emotion

Masayoshi Takanaka - Brasilian Skies

Char - Shinin' You, Shinin' Day

The Harlem Gospel Travelers - Nothing But His Love

Le Pamplemousse - Sweet Magic