Back To Funk February 22



Mandrill - Mandrill Got Da Funk

New Paradise - Easy Life (American Remix)

Kevin Toney - Red Tape

Trance - Hang On It

Sundance - Buster

The Tibbs - Suffocated

The Bamboos - Ride On Time

Gramme - Discolovers

Cito Jarvis - Fighting Soldier

Jimmy Jackson - Freedom To Express Yourself

Jeanie Tracy - Making New Friends

The Sweethearts - Beauty Is Just Skin Deep

Moses Dillard & Joshua Dillard - Get Out of My Heart

The Sophisticates - Back Up Baby

Stacy Johnson - Don't Believe Him

Funky Destination - Silver Fire

Il Complesso Di Tadà - Movimentato

Agitation Free - Laila, Pt. II

Mr Ott - Walk n Talk

Chikara Ueda & The Power Station - Cloudy

Robin Kenyatta - Incrustable Miss 'O'

Wilton Felder - Insight