Back To Funk January 25



Muscles - I'm Gonna Synthetize You

Ipe Ivandic & Bijelo Dugme - Džambo

John Davis & The Monster Orchestra - Kojak Theme

Cafe Au Lait - Shape Up

Caprice - De Musique En Musique

Luther Rabb - Square Dance

L.A.X. - Dancin' At The Disco

Azwon - Paradise Island

Orgone - Take You Higher

J Blackfoot - Cool This Fire

Killmanjarto - Mama Africa

Steppa Style & Carlton Livingston & Kraak in Dub - Musical Murder (Blend Mishkin Dub)

Nitty Gritty - Rub A Dub A Kill You

Hoodna Orchestra - Alem Alem

Third Coast Kings - Sporting Life (I'm a Man)

Joel Webster - No Achievement Song

Rela & Beka Gochiashvili - YYY

Funky DL - 2 the Sky feat. Stee Moglie

Jazz Spastiks - Straight From The Gutter

King Most - Jazzy As Fug

Marijan Kasaj - Ideja

Hykkers - I Want A Break Thru

The Soul Messengers - Junky Baby

Montage Project - Bahia Honda

Alphonso Johnson - As Little As You

The Timebox - I Wish I Could Jerk Like My Uncle Cyril

Hot Damn Horns & The Soul Machine - At the Laundromat