Back To Funk October 28



Ned Doheny - On The Swingshift

C.P. Salt - Bumper To Bumper

Marz - Everybody Get Up

Loose End(s) - We've Arrived

Harry Hann - Bump and Run

Jay Dee Bryant - Get It

Marv Johnson - Safety Zone

Gorgeous George - Fon-Kin-Love

Lou Pride - Phoney People

The Fame Gang - Shufflin’

Gyedu-Blay Amobolley - Black Woman

The Lulus Band - Nana

Cuasares - Cuasares

Slapbak - Get On Da Bus

Brooklyn Funk Essentials- Stay Good

Georgia Anne Muldrow - Yoyo Ma Fonk

Grand Wizard Theodore - Military Cut

Master Jay - We Are People Too 

Wayne & Charlie The Rappin' Dummy - Check It Out

Walkin' Large - Reachin´ For Self (Ego Trip)

Dubside Collective - Souls From The Streets

Black Sun - Journey Thru

The Temptations - Funky Music Sho Nuff Turns Me On

DeRobert & The Half Truths - Poor Man Walk

Maceo & All The Kings Men - Better Half

Duke Reid's All Stars - Money, We Haven't Got

Sammy & Drumbago's Band - You Have Been Drunk

Toño Quirazco - Jamaica Ska

Gene Chandler - When You're # 1




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