Back To Funk September 24




Tyrone Davis - We Don't Need No Music

Essence III - The Party Side Of Town

Ca$h - Raff Dich Auf

Randolph Baker - Jazzman

The New Mastersounds - Stash

Christian Gaubert - Sweet And Fool Like A Child

Cyklus - Nito

Larry Dixon - Next Time (Part 2)

Arthur Adams - When I'm Away From You

Tranzam - Moderato from Piano Concerto No.2

The Pioneers - Long Shot (Buss Me Bet)

Pooch Jakson & Harry J. All Stars - King Of The Road

Fred Locks - Black Star Liners

Jesse Royal & Kumar Fyah - Pillow

Frankie Paul - Real Thing

Dark Angel - Dem Badmind

The B.U.M.S. - West Coast Smack

Mytee G. Poetic - Brick City Blue'z

Rough House Survivors - Rough Enough

Oro - Stop The War

Daniel.T. - Gravura

Mad Dog Fire Department - Cosmic Funk

Gift Of Dreams - Funkincise


Leo's Sunshipp - Get Down People


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