Back To Funk Sept 18




Travis Biggs - I Wish

Linkin' Louisiana Peps - Dimples

Dyke & The Blazers - City Dump

Clarence Daniels & Obie Jessie - Got A Good Thing Going On

Tony Allen - Wolf's Eat Wolf

Roland Haynes - Funky Mama Moose

Airto - Bebe

The Black Seeds - Better Days

Randy Valentine - Splice Dub Plate

Sister Nancy - Only Woman DJ With Degree

Jimmy Helms -  Brother Sunshine

Edwin Birdsong - Rising Sign (Funky)

Son Seals - No, No Baby

Jeannie Reynolds - I Come Here To Party

Larry Williams - The Resurrection Of Funk (Funk Comes Alive)

Mr Fox - Smooth Talk

Last Men Standing - Call to Arms

Formulatin' Fathers - Small Talk

Justice System - Dedication To Bambaataa

Azteca - Mazatlan

Monk Higgins - Highway Number 101

The Mystery Kindashi Band - Masquerade

The Controllers - I Can't Turn The Boogie Loose (Slow Version)


Manchild - Funky Situation


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