Back To Funk July 3




Gene Page - Satin Soul

Wizdom - I'm So In Love With You

3 Pieces - Concrete Jungle

Dottie Pearson - Bring It Over Baby

Nohelani Cypriano - 'O' Kailua

Enchantment - Magnetic Feel

Bobby Rush - I Wanna Do The Do

Hiroyuki Namba - City Of Silver Gray

Ideku Dynasty - Funk Force Leader

Jackie Moore - This Time Baby

Pearl Dowell - Good Things

Sweethearts - Beauty Is Just Skin Deep

Waipod Phetsuphan - Ding Ding Dong

The Tartans - Real Gone Sweet 

Alpheus - Rudie No More - Good Prevails

Barrington Spence - Star of the Ghetto

Fredfades - Fakin Jax

Ahmad - Back In The Day (Remix)

Marquee & Ninjustice - Another Level

Pimps of Joytime - This Funk (Give Me A Hand)

Sirarcusa - Streap-Tease in the Stars (The Way I Do)

Sticky Fingers - Party Song

Stratus - Give It Up

C.S. Crew - Bread Power

Jun Fukamachi - In The Holiday Groove


Niagara - S.U.B.