Back To Funk May 1




T.S. Monk - Everybody Get On Up and Dance

Betty Padgett - Sugar Daddy Part 1 & 2

Disco Dub Band - For The Love Of Money

L.T.D. - One On One

Stu Gardner - Funky Neighborhood

Albert Collins - Master Charge

Obe Jessie & Seeds Of Freedom - Who's The Blame

Betty Wright - Sweet Wonder

Johnny Daye - I Need Somebody

Denise LaSalle - Now Run And Tell That

Kokomo - Do It Right

Kerrie Biddell - Sing A Simple Song

Heavy Cruiser - Wonder Wheel

Mako & The Hawk feat. Chima Anya - The Devil Made Me Do It

Total Devastation - Wonderful World of Skins

Larry Larr - Donna

T. Ski Valley - Never Let Go

Girls Talkin' Shit - Skin Tight

MC Peaches - Another One Bites The Dust

Shelly Thunder - Relation

Louie Lepkie - Musical Bomb

Sister Carol - Murdee & Stylee

Billy Joe Royal - Helping Hand

Clarence Carter - I'm The Midnight Special

Archie James Cavanaugh - High Rise

Galaxy - Miss Foxy Lady

Formula V - Disco Funkenstein

Morning, Noon & Night - Feelin strong (Superprince “Strong Feeling” Edit)


Jr. Walker & The All Stars - Shotgun