Back To Funk May 23




May 23, 2016


Brass Construction - Shakit

Ultrafunk - Sweet F.A.

Boys In The Band - Sumpin Heavy

Mtume - Dance Around My Navel (Doesn't Have to Make Sense, Just Cents)

Allen Bros & Co - Cool Fool

LA. Connection - Get It Up

Faze O- Test - This Is Faze O

Jeanette Williams - Stuff

Harmonica Slim - Love

Joe Tex - Chained In The Mind

Norma Rudd - He's Mine

Mar-Keys - Foxy

Kim Melvin - Doin' The Popcorn

Tim Maia - A Festa

Bile - Lets Go

Mystic Merlin - Sixty Thrills A Minute

XL Middleton - Tap Water

Tanya “Sweet Tee” Winley - Vicious Rap

Greyson & Jasun - No Shortz

Blabbermouf - AllDaWayLive

Rhymester - Kimi No Hitomi Ni Utsuru Ore Ni Kanpai

Légitime Processus, MEsk 1, Névroz, Le Réseau & HMF - Match de Tchatche

Hollie Cook - Tiger Balm

Predator Dub Assassins - Unknown Artifacts

Glen Adams - Hold Down Miss Winey

The Brunswick Sound - You Babe (Instrumental)


Sarah Dash - Your Love Left Its Mark On Me



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