Meem currently works with young people at Shopfront Contemporary Arts Centre teaching production / music writing skills, to assist them in developing original audio pieces. He has worked on sound design and music facilitation for Shopfront since 2008, and has been a key artist for Lost Toy Story (2008), Superperfect (2009), At The Drive In (2010), Machine Atlas (2011), Arcade Assembly (2012), Travel Songs of Sea and Land (2013) and Citadel (2014). He is also an artist in residence at Woniora Public School for the Room 13 project (2014-2016).

In 2015 Meem also joined the team at Heaps Decent, facilitating music workshops in behavioual schools, childrens refuges, juvenile detention and youth drop-in centres.

Since 2007, he has worked extensively throughout Sydney, running music production workshops in High Schools, Intensive English Centres, Occasional Care centres, Theatres, and Youth Centres. In addition to Shopfront Contemporary Arts Centre, he has also worked for organisations such as Milk Crate Theatre, Futureskool, KARI, and The Department of Education.

Meem has worked with a wide variety of students of all ages, and from many diverse backgrounds. Age groups have spanned from 5 year olds to older adults, although the majority of workshops have focussed on youth between the ages of 10 - 25. Participants include refugees, recent migrants, ex-homeless, aboriginal, students with behavioural difficulties, mental heath groups, disabilities, and sufferers of emotional trauma. Music created in these workshops was developed specifically for use in theatre performances, pubic events, recorded audio for CD, and for radio and film.

Public exhibitions and events featuring work from these projects have been held in venues including the Museum Of Contemporary Art and The Opera House. 


Listen to and download the compilation CD, featuring a best of selection of music from 2009 - 2013.




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